A primitive tool to generate Typescript code from proto definitions
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A primitive tool to generate JS & TS code from .proto definitions.


It uses protoc and protoc-gen-ts plugins to output Javascript code and Typescript type definitions, wrapping the output with an npm package.

Every processed .proto file yields a directory in the output, which is then re-exported from root.

It's just a wrapper, main motivation for which was to generate a package, ready to be used with lerna - API code would be exported to shared packages dir and can then be consumed by any lerna subproject.


The package exposes pb2ts binary which can be invoked as follows:

pb2ts --out-path ../../generated-proto/grpc-server --proto-path ./src/proto

where proto-path is path to .proto files, out-path - output directory (is created if not exists, overwritten if exists).


  • proto-path - required, path to source .proto files, relative to cwd or absolute;
  • out-path - required, path to place the output directory, relative to cwd or absolute;
  • manifest - optional, defaults to true, if set to false, the package.json file is not generated;
  • name - optional, defaults to package name (as per package.json) of the source project, from where the script is called, name of the generated package;
  • license - optional, defaults to source project license - license for the generated package;
  • public - optional, defaults to false, opposite of the "private" field of the generated package.json;
  • scope - optional, defaults to "pb2ts", scope for the generated package;
  • readme - optional, defaults to true, if set to false the readme is not generated;

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