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UI5 specific file system abstraction
Part of the UI5 Tooling

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General documentation can of the UI5 Tooling can be found here: sap.github.io/ui5-tooling



During the build phase, a modified resource is kept in memory for further processing in other build steps.

This ensures performance, as physical read and write access for a high number of resources are kept to a minimum.

The virtual file system offers an abstraction layer from the physical file system. Amongst others, it can combine a bunch of scattered file locations into a well defined, virtualized structure.


Adapters abstract access to different resource locations.

The memory adapter represents a virtual file system, which maintains respective resources inside a data structure, whereas the file system adapter has direct access to the physical file sytem.

Resource Readers

Maps virtual to physical paths.


Multiple resource readers can be bundled to a collection. There are multiple types of collections which differ in their capability of having read or write access and in the order of how they obtain resources.


The collection has only read access.

The collection takes a list of readers. Readers are accessed in parallel: the reader which returns the resource first is used.

Prioritized Collection

The prioritized collection has only read access.

The collection takes a list of readers. The readers are accessed prioritized in the same order as they are passed to the collection.

Duplex Collection

The duplex collection has read and write access.

The collection takes a single reader or collection of readers and a writer instance for writing results.


Please check our Contribution Guidelines.


Please follow our Contribution Guidelines on how to report an issue.

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This project is licensed under the Apache Software License, Version 2.0 except as noted otherwise in the LICENSE file.

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