A utility to facilitate command-line interaction with Solid servers
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Solid CLI

A utility to facilitate command-line interaction with Solid servers.

⚠️ Do not depend on this library yet. It currently is a hard-coded integration with node-solid-server, meant for experimentation. It is not guaranteed to work, and certainly not with arbitrary Solid servers.

We are currently lacking server-side implementations of the necessary parts of OIDC for non-browser apps. Solid CLI uses a hack to still enable this, but it is not a recommended way of working.

In the future, Solid servers and Solid CLI should use a standardized protocol instead.


npm install -g @solid/cli



curl "$URL" -H 'Authorization: Bearer '`solid-bearer-token "$IDP" "$USERNAME" "$PASSWORD" "$URL"`


©2018–present Ruben Verborgh, MIT License.

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