Utilities for development of Packaging projects
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$ cnpm install @skedulo/sdk-dev-utilities 
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Skedulo SDK Boilerplate Development Utilities

External development utilities for Skedulo Packages. This project includes utilities such as GraphQL type generation and environment handling. This project is intended to be used only as a dev dependency in package projects because of its dependency on Node and the filesystem.

To develop both the dev public package and the component boilerplates, it's recommended that yarn link is used across projects to test changes locally. For the package, this involves running yarn link at the root and for each boilerplate running yarn link @skedulo/sdk-dev-utilities.

Package Development

  • Dependency Installation: yarn bootstrap
  • Compile the package: yarn build
  • Develop the package (in watch mode): yarn dev
  • Release package for local version to NPM: yarn release-package

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