A modern javascript toolkit to search about plants on open data
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$ cnpm install @rondinif/phytojs 
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PhytoJS: @rondinif/phytojs

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A modern javascript library to search about plants on open data

  • The prefix phyto- , comes from Ancient Greek φυτόν (phutón, “plant”), is used when something is pertaining to or derived from plants.
  • js is the abbreviation of javascript.


npm i @rondinif/phytojs --save


see below at the examples section...


Clone the package and install the npm dependencies with npm i.

git clone https://github.com/rondinif/phytojs.git
cd phytojs
npm i

Build & Test & Coverage

npm run clean:prepare:cover

Unit tests

npm test
# to execute specific test suites: 
npm run test-main
npm run test-config
npm run test-config-stubbed
npm run test-odla
npm run test-odla-special
npm run test-odla-stubbed
npm run test-odla-sandboxed


PhytoJS Samples for NodeJS

There are examples that use both require and import to reference the PhytoJS servive module.

  • UMD (Universal Module Definition)
    • AMD and CJS (CommonJS) are both compatible with UMD
  • ESM / ES6 (ECMAScript.next and TC39 Module Definition)

PhytoJS Samples for the browser

Live Demo of PhytoJS running in the browser

demo video


Simply we encourage contributions from everyone

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