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$ cnpm install @react-dnd/invariant 
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A mirror of Facebook's invariant (e.g. React, flux).

A way to provide descriptive errors in development but generic errors in production.

Note: This has been forked by react-dnd for ESM and TypeScript support


With npm do:

npm install invariant

invariant(condition, message)

var invariant = require('invariant');

invariant(someTruthyVal, 'This will not throw');
// No errors

invariant(someFalseyVal, 'This will throw an error with this message');
// Error: Invariant Violation: This will throw an error with this message

Note: When process.env.NODE_ENV is not production, the message is required. If omitted, invariant will throw regardless of the truthiness of the condition. When process.env.NODE_ENV is production, the message is optional – so they can be minified away.


When used with browserify, it'll use browser.js (instead of invariant.js) and the envify transform will inline the value of process.env.NODE_ENV.


The node version is optimized around the performance implications of accessing process.env. The value of process.env.NODE_ENV is cached, and repeatedly used instead of reading process.env. See Server rendering is slower with npm react #812

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