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yart is yet another release tool

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You can use yart to automatically bump up the version of a project in a consistent way, ensuring no gaps exist in SemVer sequences.


  • You have a git repository.
  • You use git tags for versioning.
  • Tags are in the format vMajor.Minor.Patch (e.g. v1.2.3).
  • You work directly in the master branch.
  • You have committed some new changes and want to create a new version.

If you run yart -v minor, it will:

  • determine the current version from the latest git tag
  • derive the desired version by incrementing the minor SemVer component
  • update project files that reference the old version (see further down about Files) and commit them
  • create the git tag
  • push


The inspiration comes from npm version minor which does more or less the same, but for npm projects.

I find it cumbersome to achieve the same with Maven projects where I can get as far as:

mvn build-helper:parse-version versions:set -DnewVersion=${parsedVersion.majorVersion}.${parsedVersion.minorVersion}.${parsedVersion.nextIncrementalVersion} versions:commit


You can use yart without installing it with npx @ngeor/yart. If you prefer, you can install it with npm i -g @ngeor/yart and then run it with yart.


yart reads and sorts the git tags of the repo to determine the current version, which is the greatest.

No gaps in SemVer are allowed, so if the current version is 1.2.3, the allowed values for the next version are:

  • 1.2.4 (patch)
  • 1.3.0 (minor)
  • 2.0.0 (major)

yart will tag the version and push it to git in a consistent format:

  • the tag will be prefixed with v, e.g. v1.3.0
  • the tag message will be "Releasing version 1.3.0"


The version might be present in language specific files and yart tries to bump the version there too.

Currently only Maven projects are supported.


yart bumps up the version in pom.xml. It takes into account multi-module projects, ensuring that child modules point to the correct parent version.

Readme files

yart will do a text replace in files named README.md, replacing the current version with the new version.


  • -V, --version : output the version number
  • -v <version> : The new version to use. Must be semver and not leave gaps from previous version. It can also be one of major, minor, patch to automatically increment to the next version.
  • --dir [dir] : The directory to run the command in (default: ".")
  • --message [message] : An optional commit message
  • --dry-run : Do not perform any changes, see what would happen
  • --no-push : Do not push
  • --verbose : Increase logging verbosity
  • -h, --help : output usage information


Folder Structure

- src
  |- main              source code and unit tests
     |- file.ts        source code
     \- file.test.ts   unit test
  \- test              additional test files
     |- features       cucumber tests
     |- fixtures       test data
     \- utils          test utilities

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