Wrapper around a sendgrid client that provides nexus connection interfaces.
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$ cnpm install @nexus-switchboard/nexus-conn-sendgrid 
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Nexus Connection - Sendgrid

Nexus is a framework for connecting different services together that is made up of modules and connections. This repo is a Sendgrid connection that can plug into any Nexus-based application.

For full documentation on how to use this, visit the the Nexus documentation here


To make changes to this repo, fork and clone into a directory. Then:

  1. npm install
  2. npm run build
  3. npm link

The last step hooks your local npm cache to this project instead of pulling from the public NPM registry. That way, in the project that uses this package, you can run (in the other project's directory, not this one):

npm link @nexus-switchboard/nexus-conn-sendgrid

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