Template channel for SDK development
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Template channel for SDK development

Modifying the doc docs.json file

Required Parameters

unitTestPackage - Name of the testing package used with the stub functions. Valid values are nock and soap.

packageName - (Required if unitTestPackage is soap) Name of the soap package used with the stub functions. Package used should derive from the base repository here at https://www.npmjs.com/package/soap.

ncUtil - Passed into the stub function with any utility objects or packages.

channelProfile - Passed into the stub function. Contains the channelAuthValues object with any authorization values that are used by the stub function.

doc - An array of objects used by the unit tests. Each of the objects should contain the following:

  • functionName - Name of the stub function this object is for. (i.e. CheckForCustomer)
  • tests - An array of documents used to test the stub function. At least one document must be present for each ncStatusCode expected to be returned within the gateway-service flow.
    • Example: CheckForCustomer must have at least one document each for ncStatusCodes 200, 204, 400, 409, 429, and 500.

Required Parameters for tests array

Each test object in the array must contain the following:

ncStatusCode - The status code that the test will return.

payload - Payload used for the stub function in the unit tests. Can contain a doc object holding the document data to be sent to the endpoint system.

When unitTestingPackage is soap:

  • wsdlUri - wsdl URI used with the endpoint system.
  • security - (Optional) Security model used within the soap client (i.e. BasicAuthSecurity)
  • service - (Optional) wsdl service name used for the unit test.
  • servicePort - (Optional) wsdl port name used for the unit test.

When unitTestingPackage is nock:

  • baseUri - Base URI of the endpoint system
  • defaultHeaders - Default headers used with baseUri to be passed with the document

links - An array of objects containing each of the calls to the endpoint system. Each link should contain the following:

  • When unitTestingPackage is soap:

    • function - Function that is invoked when communicating with the endpoint system.
  • When unitTestingPackage is nock:

    • uri - Endpoint of the API.
    • method - HTTP Method used. Valid values are GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.
    • replyHeaders - Reply headers used with the response of the request.
    • statusCode - Status code to be returned from the API
  • All testing packages:

    • responsePayload - Expected payload returned from the endpoint system

channelProfile - Object that will contain parameters to be used by the stub function. (i.e. customerBusinessReferences)

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