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$ cnpm install @mithray/bdd-cligen 
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Behavior Driven Development CLI Generator


Given a yaml file defining commands with a particular syntax, generates a cli program.



// With yarn
yarn add @mithray/bdd-cligen

// With npm
npm i @mithray/bdd-cligen


There are two steps to using this tool.

  1. Using the bdd-cligen module
  2. Writing a yaml file that defines your own API

Using the bdd-cligen module

This is the main executable and should be placed in the ./bin directory of your node project. The variable program is a commander object.

#!/usr/bin/env node

const cligen = require('@mithray/bdd-cligen')
cligen({ path: './api.yml' }).then(program => {

Writing a yaml file

The yaml program specifies options defining the interface of your functions. Not all of these are necessary to generate the cli, but they could be used by other programs such as an integration with JSDoc andmocha testing. bdd-cligen only requires you to define the variables description, function, parameter_desc for every function. Testing might suggest the path_prefix also needs to be defined, and the root parent of the tests also must be called api.

path_prefix: 'lib'

        description: 'A description of your function to appear in Help files'
        function: 'nameOfFunction'
        parameter_desc: '{string} [someString="This yaml property has JSDoc syntax"]'
            - parameters: { someString: 'A description of various tests' }
              condition: 'should have property "api"'
            - parameters: >
                      someString: 'These descriptions will be used to generate BDD tests using mochajs and should.js',
              condition: 'should have property "api"'

Note, the tests property will not actually be used, but it is likely to be helpful for future integrations. These test descriptions will be used to generate BDD tests using mochajs and should.js. The syntax of the condition property is like that of should.js, except that it has dots converted to spaces and function calls converted to quotes.

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