A package for building EventBridge/CloudWatch Events patterns
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$ cnpm install @mhlabs/evb-cli 
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Pattern generator for CloudWatch Events / EventBridge


Unless using AWS Single Sign-On, make sure you have your AWS_REGION environment variable set. Alternatively set AWS_SDK_LOAD_CONFIG to a truthy value.

npm install -g @mhlabs/evb-cli


To generate an EventBridge pattern:

evb pattern - Will prompt you with a wizard that helps you build pattern for event matching. This is using EventBridge's schema registry (currently in preview) to let you navigate the schema you want to react on.

evb pattern --format <yaml|json> - Output format. Default is json

For AWS events, such as aws.codepipeline it's already enabled, but for custom events you will have to enable it in the AWS Management Console.


To generate an EventBridge InputTransformer object:

Input transformers are useful when you only want a small portion of the event sent to your target. This command helps you navigate the JSON payload and generate the InputTransformer CloudFormation object

evb input will prompt you with a wizard that helps you build the InputTransformer object. This is using EventBridge's schema registry (currently in preview).

evb input --format <yaml|json> - Output format. Default is json


To browse targets of events:

Select a schema from the schema registry and list its targets. Select a target to browse details such as ARN, event pattern, input transformation, etc.

evb browse will let you browse your schemas and get insights into the targets listening to the source/detail-type combination of your event. This only works with explicit maching on source and detail-type.


AWS SSO authentication

To set up AWS Single Sign-On auth you'll need to configure the following parameters:

evb configure-sso --account-id 123456789012 --start-url https://<your-sso-url>.awsapps.com/start --region <your-region> --role <your-sso-role>

The role used should be allowed to perform schemas:ListSchemas and schemas:DescribeSchemas

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