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$ cnpm install @mediafly/extension-cli 
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Mediafly Extensions CLI

Quick Start

Install extension-cli as a global dependency from npm:

$ npm install @mediafly/extension-cli -g

Initialize a new Extension project:

$ extension-cli init

Start developing locally:

$ extension-cli serve


Run extension-cli init. See Explanation for required parameters for details on how to find information requested by this command.

Note: The init command creates mfly-interactive.config.json at the root of your Extension. mfly-interactive.config.json contains Airship user specific information. Be sure to add it to your .gitignore file.

Develop Locally

Run extension-cli serve. This command will start a new BrowserSync server which will proxy Viewer and serve local Extension files.

Please note that local changes to the Extension will not update the uploaded Extension. When finished making changes, you will need to upload the Extension in Airship again.

Testing on iOS

Note: You must include interactive-manifest.json at the root of the extension for this debugging setup to work. The contents of the file can simply be an empty object ({})

extension-cli can speed up testing of Extensions on iOS. Specifically it provides the following 2 features:

  1. Extension will live reload in the iOS app upon file save.
  2. JavaScript console messages from the iOS WebView will be shown in the terminal.

Steps to set this up:

  1. Ensure extension-cli serve command is running.
  2. Open the iOS app and tap Settings > More > About on the bottom.
  3. You should see a Select Server dialog. Select the correct server based on your IP address.
  4. Navigate to the specific Extension you are working on.
  5. Open the Extension.

Now you are set to test your Extension on iOS. Turn off the debugging proxy by following the same steps above.

Packaging an Extension

While the publish command will package and upload the Extension, extension-cli can only package the Extension as well by running:

$ extension-cli release

Publishing an Extension

Once you are ready to test the Extension on other platforms, or if you are ready to publish it for your users, you can publish it by using the following command.

$ extension-cli publish

Open Extension in Airship or Viewer

You can navigate to the Extension in Airship or Viewer by using the open command by running:

extension-cli open airship
extension-cli open viewer

Using multiple config files

When you are using build tools such as Grunt, or Gulp, and compiling your single page application to a folder such as dist, you may not want the mfly-interactive.config.json file in your dist folder. This folder could be deleted and recreated during a file watch trigger that recompiles the whole app. In this case, you can put your config file in the parent folder of the dist folder, and point extension-cli at that config file. You can supply a --config option to extension-cli. Another use case for being able to use multiple config files is when you are managing multiple Extension uploaded in Airship (for development, staging, production, etc.)

Below are some examples:

extension-cli serve --config ../mfly-interactive.config.json
extension-cli publish --config ../config/mfly-interactive-prod.config.json

Explanation for Required Parameters

  • Airship User ID and Password: Credentials used to log into https://airship.mediafly.com
  • Airship Folder Id: This is the Id for a folder in Airship where the Extension will be created. You can locate it by navigating to the item in Airship and extractig it from the URL. In the following example, the Airship folder Id is 0-411367-411368.
  • Company Code: Company code used in Viewer.


It is possible that the Airship Item Id or the Viewer slug of the your Extension changes. In this case, you will need to reconfigure the Extension. You can do this by runninig extension-cli init again.

A note on HTTPS

Your browser will show a warning about HTTPs. Ignore this warning.

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