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$ cnpm install @mediacomem/ipgeolocation 
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Get the geolocation of IP addresses in a CSV file using https://ipgeolocation.io.

This tool expects a CSV file with IP addresses in the first column and a one-line header, for example:

IP Address,Whatever,foo,bar,baz

It will output a CSV file with geolocation data about each IP address. This is a simplified example of the output:

ip,type,result,country_code2,country_name,state_prov,city,...,ipv4,success,US,United States,New York,Syracuse,...

The description of all returned geolocation data can be found here: https://ipgeolocation.io/documentation/ip-geolocation-api.html



npm install --global @mediacomem/ipgeolocation

Or with npx:

npx @mediacomem/ipgeolocation --help


ipgeolocation [options...]

  --version                Show version number                         [boolean]
  --apiKey, -k, --api-key  Provide your ipgeolocation API key[string] [required]
  --apiUrl, -u, --api-url  Change the default ipgeolocation API URL
                        [string] [default: "https://api.ipgeolocation.io/ipgeo"]
  --input, -i              CSV input file (- for standard input)
                                                         [string] [default: "-"]
  --output, -o             CSV output file (standard output if not specified)
  --help                   Show help                                   [boolean]


  • Geolocate IP addresses in a CSV file and save the results to another file:

    ipgeolocation -i input.csv -o output.csv --api-key CHANGEME
  • Geolocate IP adresses in CSV from standard input and print the results to standard output:

    cat input.csv | ipgeolocation --api-key CHANGEME > output.csv

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