The API server powering the Magic Batua platform.
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Magic Batua


Magic Batua is a digital payments platform. This project defines and implements the core functionality of the platform and exposes it through a cloud-hosted, RESTful API available at https://api.magicbatua.com.

The API Manual is hosted here.

Deployment instructions

There are two main branches in this repository: master and dev.

The master branch is the production code. Every push to this branch triggers a new build in the Azure app. So please never ever push changes directly to this branch. Instead, create a pull request from the dev branch.

The dev branch is our development branch. It has its own test app at mb-dev.azurewebsites.net. Every push to this branch triggers a new build in the Azure app. It's safe to push directly to this branch, in fact, you will often have to after a change in deployment configuration.


In development, you'll need to create a .env in the root directory. It should be a YAML file and must have all the keys mentioned here. Write to me if you want help with creating it.


This is proprietary technology and prior written permission must be requested before using a part or all of this API's functionality.

© 2018 Magic Batua. All Rights Reserved.

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