An easy way to see new notifications on the EDUX platform.
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EDUX Checker @ PJATK

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After becoming a student at PJATK, I was extremely disappointed with lack of ability to receive notifications whenever something is updated in the system (new announcements, forum entries, homework assignments).

EDUX Checker allows you easily check for new updates in courses and global announcements via running a simple command in your terminal: check-edux.


npm i -g @lukaszklis/pjatk-edux-checker

How to use

Initialize the settings:

check-edux --init

From now on you can simply run the following:




  • Node 8.9.1+
  • yarn v1.5.1+ (suggested, however npm 5.6.0+ is going to work as well)

Development flow

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Install dependencies via: yarn.
  3. Create necessary config files via: yarn run config.
  4. Crawl the page by running: yarn start.
  5. A list of all of the notifications will be shown with links to a specific course.

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