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$ cnpm install @linear/cli 
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Command line tool to create Linear issues using your favorite editor.


Install from NPM as global command:

npm install @linear/cli -g

# ...or with yarn:

yarn global add @linear/cli

After installation you need to login and provide your developer key which can be create in settings:

linear login

If you need to change your settings later, you can use the same command or edit .linearrc from your home folder. To use VS Code as editor, you need to set it to wait similar to when using with git: code --wait


New issue

Create new Linear issue with interactive prompts:

linear issue

If you want to create issue directly without user input:

linear issue "New issue title" --description "More detailed description" --skipInput

New comment

Create a new issue comment with your editor:

linear comment ENG-123

Create without editor:

linear comment ENG-123 --comment "This seems great."

Change issue status

Update issue's status through interactive prompt:

linear status ENG-123

Close issue

Mark issue as done:

linear close ENG-123

Assign issue

Update issue's assignee through interactive prompt:

linear assign ENG-13


Install dependencies:


Link the package locally and start development server:

yarn link
yarn dev

After development server is running, you'll be able to test the CLI by running linear like it would be installed globally.



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