Pack ethereum network db and unpack it
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$ cnpm install @laborx/command-network-archiver-plugin 
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Ethereum network state archiver/unarchiver

Provides ability to save/load network state into/from archive and preserve/restore it from some point. Could be useful to iterate through releases and updated migrations.


npm install --save-dev @truffle-types/network-archiver

yarn add -D @truffle-types/network-archiver


You can use it directly from installed package or use npx to actually run it without installation.

First of all you need to create config file eth-migrations-config.js. Example of config file could be found in package's examples/eth-migrations-config.js.

Save state

npx --package @truffle-types/network-archiver network-archiver save

Optionally --commit flag could be provided to automatically commit made changes.

Unpack state

npx --package @truffle-types/network-archiver network-archiver unpack

Update migrations dir

npx --package @truffle-types/network-archiver network-archiver cdir --migrationsDir=./next-migrations-dir

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