Package for converting Avro schema files (.avsc) to TypeScript class files
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avro-to-typescript compiles avro schema files (.avsc) to TypeScript classes and interfaces. Making using avro schematics with node.js easy and comfortable.


  • Compiles most if not all avro types (record, enum, primitive, map, array)
  • Provides methods for effective serialization and deserialization of avro to js and vice versa



Most projects will use avro-to-typescript this way

npm install -g @degordian/avro-to-typescript

avro-to-typescript --compile [ schema-directory ] [ output-directory ]

This will generate namespaced folders and files for your schemas inside output directory so have that in mind.

You also need to install avro-to-typescript in your project.

npm install @degordian/avro-to-typescript --save


This way is if your projects needs to generate avro classes while running.

npm install @degordian/avro-to-typescript --save
import { Compiler } from "degordian/avro-to-typescript";

const compiler = new Compiler(outputDir);
await compiler.compile(avro);

Logical Types:

If you want to take advantage of logical types, you can pass these as an argument to the cli

avro-to-typescript --compile [ schema-directory ] [ output-directory ] --logical-types [avro type] [typescript type]

You can even pass more than one if you alternate them:

avro-to-typescript --compile [ schema-directory ] [ output-directory ] --logical-types [avro type] [typescript type] [avro type] [typescript type]

You can also pass them to the compilre in your code directly:

import { Compiler } from "degordian/avro-to-typescript";

const compiler = new Compiler(outputDir, { date: 'string', 'timestamp-millis': 'string'} });
await compiler.compile(avro);

If there are logical types in the avro schema but you don't provide a mapping for them, they will default to the underlying primitive type.

Contribution and Support

If you are having issues, please let us know on our issue tracker.


The project is licensed under the MIT license.

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