Micro service to fetch response headers of a webpage as JSON
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Fetch headers

Micro service to fetch response headers of a webpage as JSON.

Demo: fetch-headers.now.sh/?url=https://www.voorhoede.nl.


The service can be configured with the following URL query parameters:

Parameter Description Example
url (required) URL of the web page to fetch headers of. url=https://www.voorhoede.nl


This project requires Node.js (>= v8) and npm (bundled with Node.js).

After installing dependencies using npm install the following scripts are available:

npm run ... Description
deploy Deploys project to now and aliases latest version to https://fetch-headers.now.sh.
dev Starts micro service with hot reloading for development on http://localhost:3000.
start Starts micro service for production on http://localhost:3000.
test Run all tests in test.js.
watch Run tests on file changes.


MIT licensed © Jasper Moelker

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