Required Library to bridge javascript with Tableau. Use the scripts below to create the combined shim library. i.e. npm run-script build_and_copy
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$ cnpm install @jaxolotl/wdclib 
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The wdclib package is used to generate the WDC shim library which must be included by every web data connector. It works by using webpack to combine all of the various files in the package into a single bundle.js file as well as a minified version of that file.

The repro uses git-flow to manage it's versions. The current version of the shim library is stored in package.json

!Please run all these commands from wdclib folder, before running any of the following task, install required node packages by running "npm install"


Build unminified version of shim and copy to ./dist

npm run build

Build minified version of shim and copy to ./dist

npm run build_min

Build both versions of shim, copy them to ./versions with appropriate versions number:

npm run make_version

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