Push a directory to a remote branch
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$ cnpm install @jakxz/push-dir 
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Push the contents of a directory to a remote branch

  • No messing around with .gitignore (no need to commit the directory)
  • Perfect for pushing a dist/build directory to gh-pages


npm install push-dir


push-dir --dir=build --branch=gh-pages


Usage: push-dir {OPTIONS}

Required Options:

The name of the directory whose contents will be committed to branch

The name of the remote branch to push to

Advanced Options:

The name of the remote to push to (defaults to origin)

Whether to delete the local branch after creating

Force the name of the local branch that is pushed to the remote branch

Whether to attempt push even if git unclean

Whether to override a local branch of the same name, if exists

Alias for both --allow-unclean and --overwrite-local

Display stdout and stderr from internal commands

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