A command line tool for creating React components.
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$ cnpm install @isfco/create-react-component 
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Create React Component

A command line tool for creating React components based on ISFco common patterns.


$ npm install @isfco/create-react-component


$ create-react-component <ComponentName>

It creates a React stateless component under the current directory.

Extra files

You can combine options for granularly adding more files, like so:

$ create-react-component <ComponentName> --css --test

It creates the component and adds stylesheet and test files.

Use the single arg syntax for shorter commands. --css --test can be expressed as -ct

You can also indicates creating all files as follow:

$ create-react-component <ComponentName> --all

Output path

For creating the component files in a different directory, you must specify an output path. It can be relative or absolute.

$ create-react-component <ComponentName> --all --output src

It uses the src folder for creating the component folder and files. Output path must exits, otherwise an error will be thrown.

Overwriting files

By default, create-react-component doesn't overwrite any file. If the component directory already exists in the given output path, the tool will check if the directory is empty before proceeding to create the files. If the directory is not empty, you'll get an error and no files will be created.

In order to force the file creation in this scenario, you can use the --force flag. It will overwrite any file in the target directory that matches with any of the used names.

$ create-react-component <ComponentName> --all --output src --force

You won't receive any warning preventing files overwriting. So be carefull.


-h, --help           output usage information
-t, --test           create test file
-s, --story          create storybook file
-c, --css            create css/sass file
-i, --index          create index file
-a, --all            create all files
-o, --output [path]  the output path
-f, --force          force files overwriting 

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