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$ cnpm install @insites/cli -g
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.


INS CLI uses modern technology

  • [Typescript] - Superset of Javascript
  • [NodeJS] - Non blocking I/O event driven
  • [Git] - Version control
  • [MarketplaceCLI] - CLI app for the CMS

Cloning and Installation

After cloning the repo install the dependencies

$ cd ins-pos-js-cli-production
$ npm install

If marketplace-kit is not installed in your machine, install it globally.

$ sudo npm i -g @platform-os/marketplace-kit

If ts-node is not installed in your machine, install it globally.

$ sudo npm install -g ts-node

If typescript is not installed in your machine, install it globally.

$ sudo npm install -g typescript

To package and build the app run this command

$ npm run build

Install CLI to your machine globally. Make sure you're outside app directory.

$ sudo npm i -g ./ins-pos-js-cli-production
$ ins

View available commands

$ insites --help


To start development run this command

$ npm run start


  1. How do you know that INS CLI was installed successfully?
  • Execute ins command.
$ insites
  1. After running npm install then a warning occured, kindly ignore it.
npm WARN optional Skipping failed optional dependency /sane/fsevents:
npm WARN notsup Not compatible with your operating system or architecture: fsevents@1.2.4
  • It's a warning, not an error. It occurs because fsevents is an optional dependency, used only when project is run on macOS environment (the package provides 'Native Access to Mac OS-X FSEvents').
  • And since you're running your project on Windows, fsevents is skipped as irrelevant.
  1. If commands does not work, add sudo
$ sudo npm install
$ sudo npm run build
  • If you prefix “sudo” with any linux command, it will run that command with elevated privileges.
  1. How do you know that the app build successfully?
  • There is build folder inside app directory. Meaning the app build successfully.
  1. It did not installed globally. What to do?
  • Option 1: Before running npm i -g ./ins-pos-js-cli-production Make sure you are outside of app directory. By this command it will install the app globally.
$ cd ..
$ npm i -g ./ins-pos-js-cli-production
  • Option 2: ignore the stuff matched then reinstall to you machine globally.
$ touch .npmignore
$ cd ..
$ sudo npm i -g ./ins-pos-js-cli-production
  • Option 3: Install app dependencies.
$ sudo npm install -g typescript
$ sudo npm install -g ts-node
$ sudo npm i -g @platform-os/marketplace-kit


Want to contribute? Great!

INS CLI uses NODE API to make it happen

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