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$ cnpm install @incpad/incpad-ms-cli 
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Welcome to @incpad/incpad-ms-cli ????


client for incpad team


yarn global add @incpad/incpad-ms-cli


incpadMS -h


  • If you are a developer to develop a new service, you should init a empty service project with blow command:

    incpadMS init <projectName>

​ and you can get help with -h option:

incpadMS init -h

​ and it will output:

Usage: init [options] <name>

  --sentry-token <sentryToken>  specific the sentry project token
  --without-dep                 do not install dependence
  -t,--template                 init with template
  -b,--branch [branch]          branch of git repo
  -h, --help                    output usage information
  • --sentry-token option can config the token of this project

  • --without-dep option allow it init but will not install the dependence

  • -b option can specific the branch of target repo

  • -t option can init with exist template, not for new service developer

  • If you are a service user, you can fork a template service peoject with bellow command:

  • incpadMS init -t <projectName>


​ You can use this cli to config your aws credentials

incpadMS credentials -h

​ and it will output:

Usage: credentials [options]

  -k,--key [key]                    the aws_access_key_id
  -s,--secret [secret]             the aws_secret_access_key
  -n,--profile-name [profileName]  the name of the profile which should be created
  -h, --help                       output usage information

​ just same as aws client


​ You can easily deploy the project to aws serverless:

incpadMS deploy -h
Usage: deploy [options] [profile]

  -h, --help  output usage information

​ there is no any other config options, you just need pass you profile name with come from incpadMS credentials -n [profileName]

error manager

​ You can manage you error code and error info with this command

incpadMS error -h
Usage: error [options]

  -l,--list                          list all local errors
  -p,--target-path [targetName]      error instance dir
  -c,--create-error [createError]    create a new error
  -t,--template-path [templatePath]  template dir
  -h, --help                         output usage information
  • -l option will list all error defines in this project
  • -p option just specific the error dir path, default ./src/error/
  • -c option just means you want to create a new error, new error will use the template from -t option
  • -t option just specific the template file where the error template come from, default ./template/Errors.js.tpl


???? incpad

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