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Hashmark parser

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npm install @hashmark/parser

What is Hashmark?

Hashmark is a markup language. It's more structured than Markdown, but less verbose than XML. Here's what this README would look like in Hashmark:

#document Hashmark parser
	#section Installation
		#code bash
			npm install @hashmark/parser

	#section What is Hasmark?
		Hashmark is a markup language. It's more structured than Markdown, ...

You can read more about the Hashmark language in the docs.


To parse a Hashmark document,

import { parse, ParsedSchema } from "@hashmark/parser";

const file = "#tag example";
const schemaFile = "#block tag"
const schemaSchemaFile = "#block block";

// Parse with a schema:
const schemaSchema = new ParsedSchema(parse(schemaSchemaFile));
const schema = new ParsedSchema(parse(schemaFile, schemaSchema));
const doc = parse(file, schema)

// ... or parse without a schema:
const noSchemaDoc = parse(file)

Parsing with a schema allows you to define syntactic sugar in the schema, like default elements and inline syntactic sugar.

To validate the document using the schema, use the validateBlock method on the schema. This returns an array of validation errors. If there are no errors, it will return an empty array.

const errors = schema.validateBlock(doc);

To export the document to JSON or XML:

import { toXML, toJSON} from "@hashmark/parser";
const xml: string = toXML(doc);
const json: string = toJSON(doc);


See the @hashmark/cli package.

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