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$ cnpm install @halagram/captain-ms-cli 
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Captain-ms CLI

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This is a Command Line Interface app for the captain-ms NPM module. It is used to create a Service template.


This module should be installed globally using the command below

npm install -g @halagram/captain-ms-cli

Command for creating a Service

$ captain-ms-cli users_service [options]

This creates a service with name, 'users_service'. You can specify optional parameters to configure the Service. Ex

$ captain-ms-cli users_service --port 3000 -M User

This creates a users service and then sets the default listen port to 3000 and the database model is User

A full list of options is given below:

-P 3000 or --port 3000 => this sets the default listen port to 3000

-L AppTag or --logger AppTag => this sets the logger tag to AppTag

-D users or --database users => this configures the service to use the 'users' database

-M User or --model User => this sets the model name

-F no or --folder no => this tells the app not to create the service in its own separate directory

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