gRPC utility library for loading .proto files
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$ cnpm install @grpc/proto-loader 
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gRPC Protobuf Loader

A utility package for loading .proto files for use with gRPC, using the latest Protobuf.js package. Please refer to protobuf.js' documentation to understands its features and limitations.


npm install @grpc/proto-loader


const protoLoader = require('@grpc/proto-loader');
const grpcLibrary = require('grpc');
// OR
const grpcLibrary = require('@grpc/grpc-js');

protoLoader.load(protoFileName, options).then(packageDefinition => {
  const packageObject = grpcLibrary.loadPackageDefinition(packageDefinition);
// OR
const packageDefinition = protoLoader.loadSync(protoFileName, options);
const packageObject = grpcLibrary.loadPackageDefinition(packageDefinition);

The options parameter is an object that can have the following optional properties:

Field name Valid values Description
keepCase true or false Preserve field names. The default is to change them to camel case.
longs String or Number The type to use to represent long values. Defaults to a Long object type.
enums String The type to use to represent enum values. Defaults to the numeric value.
bytes Array or String The type to use to represent bytes values. Defaults to Buffer.
defaults true or false Set default values on output objects. Defaults to false.
arrays true or false Set empty arrays for missing array values even if defaults is false Defaults to false.
objects true or false Set empty objects for missing object values even if defaults is false Defaults to false.
oneofs true or false Set virtual oneof properties to the present field's name. Defaults to false.
json true or false Represent Infinity and NaN as strings in float fields, and automatically decode google.protobuf.Any values. Defaults to false
includeDirs An array of strings A list of search paths for imported .proto files.

The following options object closely approximates the existing behavior of grpc.load:

const options = {
  keepCase: true,
  longs: String,
  enums: String,
  defaults: true,
  oneofs: true

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