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$ cnpm install @goodforonefare/create-shopify 
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Webgen automates the generation code for web-based projects at Shopify.

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Generates an app

yarn create shopify app <AppName> [...flags]


--prompt [boolean] [default: true]

--debug [boolean] [default: false]

--hostName, -h [string] [default: "default.myshopify.com"]

Your Shopify test shop’s host name, ie: my-test-shop.myshopify.com

--password, -d [string] [default: "DEFAULT_SHOPIFY_PASSWORD"]

You can find this in your test shop. ie: my-test-shop.myshopify.com/admin/apps/private/

--secret, -s [string] [default: "DEFAULT_SHOPIFY_SECRET"]

You can find this in you partner dashboard: https://partners.shopify.com

--apiKey, -k [string] [default: "DEFAULT_SHOPIFY_API_KEY"]

For private app, find this in your test shop. ie: my-test-shop.myshopify.com/admin/apps/private/; For public app, find this in you partner dashboard: https://partners.shopify.com

--privateApp, -p [boolean] [default: true]

--graphql, -g [boolean] [default: false]



Generates a component

yarn create shopify component <ComponentName> [...flags]


--prompt [boolean] [default: true]

--debug [boolean] [default: false]

--type, -t [choices: "function", "pure", "class"] [default: "pure"]

--styles, -s [boolean] [default: false]

--graphql, -g [boolean] [default: false]

--location, -l

Section (Coming soon)

yarn create shopify section <SectionName> [...flags]

Fork (Coming soon)

yarn create shopify fork <ComponentName> [...flags]


To test the commands locally type the path to create-shopify in the bin at the root of the project.

$ ./bin/create-shopify app TestApp
$ ./bin/create-shopify component TestComponent

Adding Commands

Commands are automatically read from the src/cli/commands directory. To add a command, simply create a new file in this directory with the name of the command that you would like to add.

The contents of this fill will follow the yargs API for command modules. you can read more about yargs here.


Before deloying a new version, run git checkout master && git pull to be sure that you're tagging the latest code. Next, you will need to add a git tag. This is done by running the following command:

yarn version --new-version patch

Next push this new tag to github.

git push origin master --tags

Finally, head over to shipit and click deploy.

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