``` export DTH_BOOTSTRAP_PORT=<port_no> ```
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$ cnpm install @geekodour/seeta 
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.

Seeta ????

A very simple and incomplete protocol to share files in a P2P network.

  • Control Port No. 6666
  • Data Port No. 6969

RPC Actions

Response 0 for success and 1 for fail.

  • FETCH 0: Fetch Metadata
  • FETCH 1: Fetch Content, Keys and Version History


npm i @geekodour/seeta -g

This will make the seeta cli available in your path.

Basic usage

Usage: seeta [options]

  -c, --create <filepath>  Create a Seeta
  -s, --seed               Seed a Seeta
  -f, --fetch <url>        Fetch Seeta Resource
  -b, --bootstrap          Bootstrap DHT Peers
  -h, --help               output usage information

Bootstrapping DHTs

Start by bootstrapping DHTs by running the following command:

seeta -b


???? Seeta BootstrapDHT listening for announcements. localhost:56304

    Run the following command before seeding/fetching:

    export DTH_BOOTSTRAP_PORT=56304

Creating a Seeta

Create a Seeta and corresponding keys using the -c flag.

seeta -c <repo_name>
New Seeta ready at ! /home/geekodour/OwnProjects/seeta/newseeta

Seeding a Seeta

Now you can go into the directory and fillin the contents directory with file contents. To seed the contents you can use the -s flag.

seeta -s


Repository committed, ready to be announced.
listening to other peers on this Seeta:52799

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