A set of Promise-based methods around child_process.spawn
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This library is developed for use with Node 10+ and may (or may not) work with versions of Node lower then this.

A custom async-focused variant of Node's built-in child-process module, based exclusively around child_process.spawn()

All the spawning methods accept the same arguments as child_process.spawn(), but in any order.

If an array argument isn't provided, it will try options.args or options.argv; failing that, the string argument (or options.command or options.file) will be split (by default " " is used, but that can be changed using options.ws), and all but the first element will be used as the argv argument, setting the first element as the new command argument.


const cp = require( "@futagoza/child-process" );

// Spawns a new process.
cp.spawn( command, argv?, options? )

// Spawns a shell, executing the command inside the shell and buffering any generated output.
cp.exec( command, argv?, options? )

// Same as `cp.exec`, but sends any output to the current process instead.
cp.run( command, argv?, options? )

// Confirm if the given error was thrown from a spawn'ed process.
cp.isSpawnError( object? )

// All arguments are optional, apart from the `command`, which can be passed as the
// first argument or as an option (either `command` or `file`)
cp.spawn( "npm", [ "publish", "--access", "public" ] );
cp.spawn( "npm", { args: [ "publish", "--access", "public" ] } );
cp.spawn( "npm publish --access public" );
cp.spawn( { command: "npm publish --access public" } );


In addition to the options used by child_process.spawn(), the following options are also supported:

option description
args Alternative to passing an array as argv argument (using options.argv is preferred)
argv Alternative to passing an array as argv argument
buffer1 On options.pipe this will buffer the results from both stdout and stderr
command Alternative to passing the command as a string argument
encoding1 Used alongside options.buffer, this specifies the character encoding used to decode the results
file Alternative to passing the command as a string argument
ignore2 Will set options.stdio to ignore
inherit2 Will set options.stdio to inherit3
input passed to the child process's stdin
pipe2 Will set options.stdio to pipe4
ready A function that will be called with the child process as it's argument once the promise has started waiting
silent2 Will set options.stdio to pipe
ws If there were no args found, then this is used to split the command string and extract the args
  1. The buffer option is only used in cp.spawn (optional) and cp.exec (fixed)
  2. Is ignored if the stdio option is already set
  3. The fixed option for stdio with cp.run
  4. The fixed option for stdio with cp.exec, and the default for it on cp.spawn


Copyright (c) 2018+ Futago-za Ryuu
The MIT License, http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

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