Find the difference in JS and CSS bundle size between component versions.
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Origami Bundle Size CLI

Find the difference in JS and CSS bundle size between component versions, including the gzip difference.

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Origami Bundle Size CLI requires Node.js 10.x and npm.


First install Origami Bundle Size CLI:

npm install -g origami-bundle-size-cli

Run within a component directory to compare the bundle sizes of HEAD against the latest release (HEAD must be pushed to Github).


Or within a component directory and provide a verison to compare HEAD against (HEAD must be pushed to Github).

origami-bundle-size v1.0.0

Or compare the bundle size of any two published versions of a given Origami component.

origami-bundle-size o-table v5.0.0 v7.4.0

Example output:

o-table bundle size difference from v5.0.0 to v7.4.0
js: 38.16kb increase (9.87kb/gzip)
css, master: 12.08kb increase (1.64kb/gzip)


The tests are split into unit tests and integration tests. To run all tests on your machine run npm test.

npm test                  # run all the tests
npm run test:unit         # run the unit tests
npm run test:integration  # run the integration tests

To run the linter locally, run:

npm run lint

The tests and linter are run when commits are pushed, you can view results on CircleCI. They must pass before we merge a pull request.


  • Run npm version [version], where version is major, minor, patch, or some other version.
  • Open a PR which includes the updated package.json.
  • When the PR is approved, merge and tag the release in Github.
  • Tagging will trigger CircleCI to deploy to npm.


The Financial Times has published this software under the MIT license.

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