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$ cnpm install @erislandio/plutom 
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Plutom Masterdata CLI CLI

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yarn global add @erislandio/plutom or npm install @erislandio/plutom -g

Usage: plutom [options]


-V, --version output the version number

-lg, --login Login on application

-u, --use Use an account

-i, --info Show account info

-a, --add Add an account

--logout Logout

-ls, --list Lists created accounts

-rm, --remove Remove an account

-dbs, --databases List databases (acronym)

--all <acronym> Get all data from acronym

-q, --query <query> Get all data from acronym - ex: select firstName from CL

-d, --desc <acronym> List info from table ex: --desc 'CL'

-n, --new Create new user

--banner Show banner

-h, --help display help  for  command


  • if you are already registered
plutom --login
  • if you don't have one, just create
plutom --new
  • Adding an account to make queries. You will need appKey and appToken (rest assured it will not be public)
plutom --add

Query example:

  • all databases
    plutom --dbs
  • select
    plutom -q "select * from CL where email='user@email.com'"
  • select filter
    plutom -q "select firstName, lastName from CL where email='user@email.com'"
  • desc
    plutom --desc CL


    plutom --logout

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