JSON data for Ember.js RFC #395
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JSON data for RFC #395

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Globals to New Modules

Before After
DS.AbortError import { AbortError } from '@ember-data/adapter/error';
DS.Adapter import Adapter from '@ember-data/adapter';
DS.AdapterError import AdapterError from '@ember-data/adapter/error';
DS.attr import { attr } from '@ember-data/model';
DS.belongsTo import { belongsTo } from '@ember-data/model';
DS.BuildURLMixin import { BuildURLMixin } from '@ember-data/adapter';
DS.ConflictError import { ConflictError } from '@ember-data/adapter/error';
DS.EmbeddedRecordsMixin import { EmbeddedRecordsMixin } from '@ember-data/serializer/rest';
DS.errorsArrayToHash import { errorsArrayToHash } from '@ember-data/adapter/error';
DS.errorsHashToArray import { errorsHashToArray } from '@ember-data/adapter/error';
DS.ForbiddenError import { ForbiddenError } from '@ember-data/adapter/error';
DS.hasMany import { hasMany } from '@ember-data/model';
DS.InvalidError import { InvalidError } from '@ember-data/adapter/error';
DS.JSONAPIAdapter import JSONAPIAdapter from '@ember-data/adapter/json-api';
DS.JSONAPISerializer import JSONAPISerializer from '@ember-data/serializer/json-api';
DS.JSONSerializer import JSONSerializer from '@ember-data/serializer/json';
DS.Model import Model from '@ember-data/model';
DS.normalizeModelName import { normalizeModelName } from '@ember-data/store';
DS.NotFoundError import { NotFoundError } from '@ember-data/adapter/error';
DS.RecordData import RecordData from '@ember-data/record-data';
DS.RESTAdapter import RESTAdapter from '@ember-data/adapter/rest';
DS.RESTSerializer import RESTSerializer from '@ember-data/serializer/rest';
DS.Serializer import Serializer from '@ember-data/serializer';
DS.ServerError import { ServerError } from '@ember-data/adapter/error';
DS.Store import Store from '@ember-data/store';
DS.TimeoutError import { TimeoutError } from '@ember-data/adapter/error';
DS.Transform import Transform from '@ember-data/serializer/transform';
DS.UnauthorizedError import { UnauthorizedError } from '@ember-data/adapter/error';

New Modules to Globals


Module Global
import Adapter from '@ember-data/adapter'; DS.Adapter
import { BuildURLMixin } from '@ember-data/adapter'; DS.BuildURLMixin
import { AbortError } from '@ember-data/adapter/error'; DS.AbortError
import AdapterError from '@ember-data/adapter/error'; DS.AdapterError
import { ConflictError } from '@ember-data/adapter/error'; DS.ConflictError
import { ForbiddenError } from '@ember-data/adapter/error'; DS.ForbiddenError
import { InvalidError } from '@ember-data/adapter/error'; DS.InvalidError
import { NotFoundError } from '@ember-data/adapter/error'; DS.NotFoundError
import { ServerError } from '@ember-data/adapter/error'; DS.ServerError
import { TimeoutError } from '@ember-data/adapter/error'; DS.TimeoutError
import { UnauthorizedError } from '@ember-data/adapter/error'; DS.UnauthorizedError
import { errorsArrayToHash } from '@ember-data/adapter/error'; DS.errorsArrayToHash
import { errorsHashToArray } from '@ember-data/adapter/error'; DS.errorsHashToArray
import JSONAPIAdapter from '@ember-data/adapter/json-api'; DS.JSONAPIAdapter
import RESTAdapter from '@ember-data/adapter/rest'; DS.RESTAdapter


Module Global
import { attr } from '@ember-data/model'; DS.attr
import Model from '@ember-data/model'; DS.Model
import { belongsTo } from '@ember-data/model'; DS.belongsTo
import { hasMany } from '@ember-data/model'; DS.hasMany


Module Global
import RecordData from '@ember-data/record-data'; DS.RecordData


Module Global
import Serializer from '@ember-data/serializer'; DS.Serializer
import JSONSerializer from '@ember-data/serializer/json'; DS.JSONSerializer
import JSONAPISerializer from '@ember-data/serializer/json-api'; DS.JSONAPISerializer
import { EmbeddedRecordsMixin } from '@ember-data/serializer/rest'; DS.EmbeddedRecordsMixin
import RESTSerializer from '@ember-data/serializer/rest'; DS.RESTSerializer
import Transform from '@ember-data/serializer/transform'; DS.Transform


Module Global
import Store from '@ember-data/store'; DS.Store
import { normalizeModelName } from '@ember-data/store'; DS.normalizeModelName


The tables above can be generated using the scripts in the scripts folder, e.g.:

node scripts/generate-markdown-table.js


mappings.json format

The mappings.json file contains an array of entries with the following format:

interface Mapping {
    The globals based API that this module and export replace.
  global: string;

    The module to import.
  module: string;

    The export name from the module.
  export: string;

    The recommended `localName` to use for a given module/export. Only present
    when a name other than the value for `export` should be used.

    This is useful for things like ember-data-codemod or eslint-plugin-ember
    so that they can provide a nice suggested import for a given global path usage.
  localName?: string;

    A replacement module/export which should be used instead.
  replacement?: {
    module: string;
    export: string;

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