A simple service for deploying Node.js docker containers easily.
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$ cnpm install @devcrush/deployer 
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A simple service for deploying docker containers easily.


$ npm i -g @devcrush/deployer



# You can always display the usage information by "$ deployer --help"
  --version         Show version number                                [boolean]
  --repository, -r  Name of your repository on Github. (e.g. "react") [required]
  --branch, -b      Name of the branch you would like to deploy. (e.g. "master")
  --verbose, -v     Use to display more detailed logging
  --help            Show help                                          [boolean]

  deployer -r my-project -b master  Deploys the master branch from "my-project"
                                    to the target servers. "my-project" will be
                                    transformed to "git@github.com:<username>/my-project"
                                    under the hood, but in order to make it work you
                                    have to create a ~/.deployer.yml config
                                    file. The --repository option also accepts
                                    an absolute URL.

Verbose mode

You can log out all the configuration parameters by using the --verbose flag.

User configuration

The user configuration should be located in your home directory as ~/.deployer.yml:

# The github username that you would like to use to resolve repository names by default.
githubUsername: leventebalogh,

# The name of the folder to check out temporary code into 
checkoutFolderName: '__deployer__',

# Set it TRUE to use SSH to connect to Github
githubUseSSH: true

# (Optional)
# Specify a private SSH key to use for authentication
# Defaults to "~/.ssh/id_rsa"
keyFile: /Users/levente.balogh/.ssh/personal_rsa

# (Optional)
# Specify the user to use for the SSH authentication
# Defaults to "www"
user: foo

Repository configuration

The repository configuration should be located at the root of of your repository.
The name of the file should be .deployer.yml.

# (Required)
# The list of hosts where your project should be deployed to.
    - worker-1.leventebalogh.com
    - worker-2.leventebalogh.com

# (Optional)
# The name of the docker container that will be started from the image.
# Deafults back to the name of the repository.
containerName: foo

# (Optional)
# The list of networks which should be attached to the container.
    - nginx
    - db

# (Optional)
# The list of ports you would like to expose from the container. 
    - 8080:8080
    - 8081:8081

How does it work?

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