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$ cnpm install @dashkite/genie 
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A simple CoffeeScript task runner. (And nothing else.)

See Brick for functions that read, write, and process files.


npm i genie


npx genie [<task-name>...]

If no arguments are given, the default task name is used.

Task definitions should be placed in the tasks directory.

Defining Tasks

Define tasks in your tasks/index.coffee file.

For example, here's a simple hello, world task.

import {define} from "@dashkite/genie"

define "hello-world", -> console.log "Hello, World"

Run the task like this:

npx genie hello-world

Dependent Tasks

You can define tasks that a given task depends on by simply listing them in an array or a whitespace-separated string.

define "build", "clean", ->
  # build task goes here

Parallel Tasks

You can append a ‘&’ to any task you define and it will run in parallel with the other tasks.

define "server", "html& css& js&", ->
  server "build", fallback: "index.html"


define name, dependencies, fn

Define a task with the given name and dependencies using the given function.

run name

Runs the given task name.

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