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$ cnpm install @cybercomsweden/frontend-ci-scripts 
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npm install --save-dev @cybercomsweden/frontend-ci-scripts


There are a few scripts exposed to help you with your development

  • lint / runs eslint on your project
  • format / run prettier on your project
  • test / runs jest on test files in src with *.spec|test.js or in the __test__ folder
  • precommit / runs lint, test and format as a precommit hook
  • start / a webpack-dev-server for quicker react development


"format": "frontend-ci-scripts format"

format runs prettier in the background and formats all your files. You can send args to prettier if you want to format any specific files by adding them to the scripts

"format": "frontend-ci-scripts format src/**/*"

To be noted On unix systems you need to prevent the glob from being prematurly evaluated do this by putting it in ''

"format": "frontend-ci-scripts format 'src/**/*'"


During installation git hooks is setup for you. add the following script to your package.json for it to run during each commit

"precommit": "frontend-ci-scripts precommit",

Editor Integration

ESLint integrations: https://eslint.org/docs/user-guide/integrations

Prettier integrations: https://prettier.io/docs/en/editors.html

You can expose our option files to your editor by adding them to your package.json

"eslintConfig": {
    "extends": "./node_modules/frontend-ci-scripts/.eslintrc.js"

or add your own .eslintrc file and extend the path above

For Prettier create a .prettierrc.js and add the following

module.exports = require('frontend-ci-scripts/.prettierrc');


In development you sometimes need to proxy request

Do this by adding a proxy key to you package.json

"proxy": "[dependencieName]" || "path/to/proxy",

It expects a js object or json file.


If webpack needs to serve mock pages, add a mocks key to package.json.

"mocks": "path/to/mocks",

It expects a path to a directory (should be relative to the project root).

Production Build

Public Path

If an environment variable PUBLIC_PATH is set, the webpack build will use that. Otherwise it defaults to '/'.


create-react-app and kcd-scripts

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