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$ cnpm install @cumulus-test/deployment 
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Cumulus Deployment

This module includes cloudformation templates needed for a successful deployment of a Cumulus Instance. The templates can be used with kes, a node CLI helper for AWS CloudFormation.


  1. Copy app.example to a new deployment project.

  2. Edit app.example/config.yml and your deployment information

  3. Rename app.example to app.

  4. Execute kes command:

    $ ./node_modules/.bin/kes cf deploy --kes-folder app --deployment <my-deployment> --template ../cumulus/packages/deployment/app

config.yml Explained

field default description
stackName (required) the name used as a prefix in all aws resources
stackNameNoDash (required) stackName with no dash
urs_url uat.urs urs url used for OAuth
api_backend_url apigateway backend url the API backend url
api_distribution_url apigateway dist url the API url used for file distribution
shared_data_bucket cumulus-data-shared the bucket has the shared data artifacts
buckets.internal (required) the bucket used for storing deployment artifacts
buckets.private (required) the bucket used for storing private ingest data
buckets.protected (required) the bucket used for storing protected ingest data
buckets.public (required) the bucket used for storing public ingest data
cmr.username devseed the username used for posting metadata to CMR
cmr.provider CUMULUS the provider used for posting metadata to CMR
cmr.clientId CUMULUS the clientId used to authenticate with the CMR
cmr.password (required) the password used to authenticate with the CMR
vpc.vpcId (required if ecs is used) the vpcId used with the deployment
vpc.subnets (required) the subnets used
defaults_users cumulus core list of default users included in all deployments
ecs.amiid ami-9eb4b1e5 amiid of an optimized ecs instance (differnet for each region)
ecs.instanceType (required) the instance type of the ec2 machine used for running ecs tasks
ecs.volumeSize 50 the storage on ec2 instance running the ecs tasks
ecs.availabilityZone us-east-1a the availibity zone used for launching ec2 machines
ecs.maxInstances 1 max number of ec2 instances to launch in an autoscaling group
ecs.desiredInstances 0 desired number of ec2 instances needed in an autoscaling group
es.name es5 name of the elasticsearch cluster
es.elasticSearchMapping 4 version number of the elasticsearch mapping used
es.version 5.3 elasticsearch software version
es.instanceCount 1 number of elasticsearch nodes
es.instanceType t2.small.elasticsearch size of the ec2 instance used for the elasticsearch
es.volumeSize 35 the storage used in each elasticsearch node
sns.<name> N/A name of the sns topic
sns.<name>.subscriptions.lambda.endpoint sns2elasticsearch lambda function triggered for each message in the topic
apis.<name> N/A name of the apigateway application
apiStage dev stage name used for each api gateway deployment stage
dynamos.<name> N/A name of the dynamoDB table
dynamos.<name>.read 5 number of reads per second
dynamos.<name>.write 1 number of writes per second
dynamos.<name>.attributes N/A list of attributes
sqs.<name> N/A name of the queue
sqs.<name>.visibilityTimeout 20 # of seconds the message returns to the queue after it is read by a consumer
sqs.<name>.retry 30 number of time the message is returned to the queue before being discarded
sqs.<name>.consumer N/A list of lambda function queue consumers
rules.<name> N/A list of cloudwathch rules
rules.<name>.schedule N/A rule's schedule
rules.<name>.state ENABLED state of the rule
rules.<name>.targets N/A list of lambda functions to be invoked
stepFunctions N/A list of step functions
lambdas N/A list of lambda functions

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