Task runner for CryptID.
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Task runner for CryptID.


CryptID is a library written in multiple languages with lots of task to perform: creating builds to different architectures using different compilers, testing, coverage reporting and so on.

Of course, we could use (for example) make for the C part and gulp for the JS part, but we're sick and tired of using a plethora of different tools. Thus, we employed substack's ./task.js approach: a simple JS script for each task.

However, there are some common code that we would like to share, and also dependencies we would like to use, therefore we've created a very basic foundation: Task.

Task is not a sophisticated task runner. It just executes scripts and provides a comfortable yargs-based CLI.


Just call npx @cryptid/task <commands and arguments> in an appropriate repository root.

In CryptID repositories, you can also use ./task <...> or task.bat <...>.

Writing Task tasks


Task searches for commands in the .task/cmd directory. Commands are simple yargs commands.

Injecting data

Custom data can be injected into command handlers by supplying an .task/inject.js script. This should export a single function, which when called, produces the injectable data.


Please refer to the example directory for code using task.

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