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$ cnpm install @codelympics/cli 
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codelympics cli

This is the CLI for https://codelympics.dev.


npm i -g codelympics-cli
yarn global add codelympics-cli


If you are looking for a walkthrough on how to use codelympics, follow the guide at https://codelympics.dev/get-started

???? sign in

This authenticates you with the codelympics.dev servers so you can submit challenge attempts.

codelympics login

This will open a browser window where you can sign in with your credentials.

???? sign out

This removes the locally stored authentication token.

codelympics logout

???? auth status

This displays if you are currently signed in or not.

codelympics status

✉️ test and submit attempt

There are two modes of operation - testing your code and submitting a live attempt. The live attempt will send results back to the server to be evaluated there. The local attempt will evaluate results locally and display any problems to you.

codelympics run <challenge_id> <executable> [arguments...]

  -l, --live  actually submit the result. This can not be undone and can only be done a limited amount of times
  -h, --help  output usage information

To submit a test attempt for the challenge 5dbf60791c9d440000ffa243 using a Go program you would execute this command:

codelympics run 5dbf60791c9d440000ffa243 go run main.go


(c) 2019 codelympics.dev

This project is licenced under the MIT licence. More information can be found in the LICENCE file

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