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$ cnpm install @code_monk/hak-cli 
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SJC cli

A command-line utility for SJC


There are several installation methods.

Quick install for OSX and Linux

Does not work on Windows as install.sh is dependent upon sudo.

git clone https://github.com/stjosephcontent/sjc-cli.git
cd sjc-cli
bash install.sh

Manual Install (OSX and Linux)

node --version (should be 4.x)
mkdir -p ~/.sjc/cli
rm -rvf ~/.sjc/cli
cd ~/.sjc
git clone https://github.com/stjosephcontent/sjc-cli.git cli
cd cli
npm install (might need sudo)
npm link (might need sudo)
# now test your installation
sjc up

Manual Install (Windows)

Note that the installation and SJC-CLI in general have a dependency on Git bash. Ensure you have the latest version of bash available.

Copy and paste each line of the following into a Git bash console, ignoring the comments. You will be prompted for your Github credentials.

node -v                 # Confirm you have a minimum of NodeJS 4.0.x
rm -r -f ~/.sjc/cli/     # Remove any existing cli directory
git clone https://github.com/stjosephcontent/sjc-cli.git ~/.sjc/cli #  Clone, creating target directory at the same time
cd ~/.sjc/cli           # Switch to the target directory
npm install             # Install Node dependencies
npm link                # Link the folder to NPM modules so it is in the path
cd /                    # Move out of the cli directory to anywhere else
sjc help                # Test sjc shell works by executing help 

Instructions coming soon to cURL a windows specific bash script.

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