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$ cnpm install @cliqz/metalint 
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The opinionated project linter from Cliqz. This projects aims at encouraging and enforcing best practices across projects. It currently focuses on mono repositories managed using lerna but will support normal repositories as well in the future.

Getting Started

  1. [optional] install @cliqz/metalint as a development dependency in your project: npm install --save-dev @cliqz/metalint.
  2. create a .metalint.json configuration file at the root: echo '{}' > .metalint.json
  3. get linting! npx metalint

With this single command, metalint will identify the structure of your project, load config, lint all sub-packages and auto-fix what it can. There is currently no way to change this behavior; the project is still early stage.

What can it do for you?

metalint can already do a few things for you.

  • lint package.json:
    • make sure that namespaces are used consistently across packages
    • make sure that sub-package names are consistent with folder names
    • make sure mandatory fields are specified: name, description, author, etc.
    • make sure that fields have consistent values across packages: author, contributors, etc.
    • make sure dependencies used in multiple packages have the same version (including dependencies, devDependencies and peerDependencies fields)
    • normalize fields using normalize-package-data
  • lint lerna.json:
    • make sure version field is specified
    • make sure lerna is configured using workspaces with yarn
    • detect unknown fields (useful for typos)
  • lint LICENSE files as well as notices in each source file (using specification in .metalint.json, see below)
  • allow to define package.json fields in .metalint.json to keep them consistent across all sub-projects

Linting licenses and copyright notices. Specify the following configuration in .metalint.json:

  "license": {
    "name": "MPL-2.0",
    "date": "2019",
    "owner": "Cliqz GmbH",
    "include": [
    "exclude": []

Centralized fields for package.json in all workspaces:

  "workspaces": {
    "pkg": {
      "author": "John Doe!"

Running metalint will apply changes across your project!

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