CLI tool for AngularJS & Typescript projects
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$ cnpm install @clea/cli 
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CLI tool for AngularJS & Typescript projects

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The CLI requires NodeJS >= 8.9.0 and NPM 5 or higher.



npm install @clea/cli -g


clea help
# or
clea help [command]

How to start ?

clea new <app-name>
cd <app-name>
clea serve

Go to http://localhost:8080/. Hot reload is active by default.

To see the clea serve options & details, go check the documentation.

Progressive Web App

You can generate the basics of a Progressive Web App support with the following clea new <app-name> --make-it-progressive.

Learn more

Generate some entities

The clea generate command allows you to easily generate entities in your application.

clea generate [entity] my-new-entity

# Support relative path
# If you are under the src/app/feature/ folder, and launch:
clea generate [entity] my-new-entity
# Your new entity will be generated under the src/app/feature/my-new-entity folder

# But, if you are still in the src/app/feature/ folder, and launch:
clea generate [entity] ../my-newer-entity
# Your entity will be generated in the src/app/my-newer-entity folder

Available entities:

Entity Usage
Component clea generate component my-new-component
Directive clea generate directive my-new-directive
Filter clea generate filter my-new-filter
Service clea generate service my-new-service
Module clea generate module my-new-module

Learn more

Upgrade Clea

To upgrade Clea to it's latest version, you must upgrade the global and local package.

For the global package:

npm uninstall -g @clea/cli
npm cache clean
npm install -g @clea/cli

For a local project:

rm node_modules -rf
npm install --save-dev @clea/cli
npm install


MIT License

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