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$ cnpm install @byte9/test 
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Byte 9 testing

This package centralize the cypress config across all the byte9 different projects.

How to use this package:

You would need to install this package doing:

npm install --save-dev @byte9/test

Once you already installed this package in the root of your repository or in the root of your monorepo repository you would need to create a basic <example>.json file.

All the options accepted by this config file are set here.

By default our config won't accept videos or screenshot then are disabled by default but you are able to override it and change iit in your config file if would be necessary.

Is necessary in this base config set the following properties:

  • TestFiles: That accept a path can be a relative or absolute path. Also if you have multiple test in different folders because of your arquitecture, i.e a basic lerna monorepo you are able to do: packages/**/tests/e2e/**/*.test.js. Using this regex will cause several matches and will load all your decentralized tests in your cypress test suit.

Run cypress

To run cypres you would need to execute the following command:

 @byte9/test e2e --configFile <path> --gui

The --configFile flag will allow to know throught path were is located the config that need cypress to load and the other one --gui will open cypress with the graphic user interface to intercat with the different tests. If this one (gui) is not enabled then will run cypress in headless mode.

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