APIs for managing companies and users as well as creating and modifying content in workspaces.
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$ cnpm install @bluescape/bluescape-sdk-node 
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Bluescape API SDK for Node

The official Bluescape SDK for Node.js backends.


The preferred way to install the Bluescape API SDK for Node.js is to use the npm package manager for Node.js. Simply type the following into a terminal window:

npm install bluescape-sdk-node --save

Usage and Getting Started

You can find a getting started guide at:


You can find our API reference documentation at:


Getting Help

Please use these community resources for getting help. We use the GitHub issues for tracking bugs and feature requests and have limited bandwidth to address them.

Opening Issues

If you encounter a bug with the Bluescape API SDK for Node we would like to hear about it. Search the existing issues and try to make sure your problem doesn’t already exist before opening a new issue. It’s helpful if you include the version of the SDK, Node.js and OS you’re using. Please include a stack trace and a simple way to reproduce the problem when appropriate, too.

The GitHub issues are intended for bug reports and feature requests. For help and questions with using the Bluescape API SDK for Node please make use of the resources listed on our Developer Portal. There are limited resources available for handling issues and by keeping the list of open issues lean we can respond in a timely manner.

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