A tool to generate Postman collections from apiDoc Inline Documentation
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$ cnpm install @becodebg/apidoc-postman 
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Use apiDoc to create a Postman collection.

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This library uses the apidoc-core library.

How It Works

By putting apiDoc inline comments in the source code, you will get a postman.json file which can be imported into the Postman App to create a new collection.


 * @api {get} /user/id Request User information
 * @apiName GetUser
 * @apiGroup User
 * @apiPermission basic
 * @apiParam {Number} id Users unique ID.
 * @apiSuccess {String} firstname Firstname of the User.
 * @apiSuccess {String} lastname  Lastname of the User.


npm install @panz3r/apidoc-postman


apidoc-postman takes full advantage of Postman environment variables for the following aspects


Using the base_url environment variable you can specify the base URL of your APIs.


apidoc-postman uses a simple logic to map your endpoints permissions to Postman ones.

You can set your endpoint @apiPermission to basic to have a Basic authentication on Postman, otherwise the Bearer authentication will be used by creating a reference to an environment variable called <@apiPermission>_token.

E.g. @apiPermission user maps to user_token.

N.B: At the moment only Basic and Bearer authentications are supported


At the moment, apidoc-postman will setup Postman to use application/json body format.


apidoc-postman -i example/ -o doc/

Have a look at apiDoc for full functionality overview and capabilities of apiDoc.

Base Postman Environment setup

  "base_url": "https://localhost:8000/api/v1",
  "basic_username": "basic_auth_username",
  "basic_password": "basic_auth_password",
  "user_token": "a.user.bearer.token"

Made with :sparkles: & :heart: by Mattia Panzeri and contributors

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