Automate the publishing of GitHub actions
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$ cnpm install @auto-canary/gh-actions 
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Gh-Actions Plugin

Automate the publishing of GitHub actions. Support both docker and JavaScript based actions.

This plugin will:

  • Manage your GitHub Action's tag using semver bumps
  • Keep your major version tags up to date (ex: moving v1 to the latest v1 release)


This plugin is not included with the auto CLI installed via NPM. To install:

npm i --save-dev @auto-it/gh-actions
# or
yarn add -D @auto-it/gh-actions


  "plugins": [
    // other plugins

JavaScript Actions

In it's default mode it will create tags on master for each new release. This workflow works for docker based actions or dependency and build-less JavaScript actions. The recommended approach for JavaScript actions with dependencies and build steps is to commit them. This is generally an anti-pattern and makes your repo less ergonomic.

To remedy this problem, this plugin can update the tag with whatever files you want! (Thanks to Jason Etco for the inspiration) This way you do not have to commit node_modules or your dist files to your repo. They instead live only in the tag alongside your action.yml definition.

Use the files option to make this plugin update the tag with a list of files or globs.

  "plugins": [
    ["gh-actions", { "files": ["./dist/bundle.js"] }]
    // other plugins

To make things simple we recommend using ncc to bundle your JavaScript action into 1 file.

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