Micro CLI for interactive listing & running npm scripts.
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$ cnpm install @arcdelta/sx 
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:zap: sx

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Micro CLI for interactive running npm & yarn scripts.


I'm lazy. Like, really lazy. And sometimes I'm perplexed by amount of steps required to run a goddamn npm script. Especially if you can't remember what scripts that new project even has in its package.json, without diving into an IDE or cating (lessing, bating, etc) the package.json.


$ npm i -g @arcdelta/sx



$ sx

This will run an interactive prompt with scripts as options. You pick one, hit <kbd>Enter</kbd> and that's it.


Option Description
-y, --yarn Use yarn instead of npm.
-h, --help Shows help information for this CLI.
-v, --version Outputs the current version.


This project relies on the following packages:

Also rollup and babel.

Why not TypeScript?

That's the question I asked myself, and the answer is simple: because of poor typings on some deps like enquirer.



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