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$ cnpm install @appcd/plugin-webpack 
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Appcd plugin to manage Webpack build tasks.

???? Refer to the migration guide for instruction how to enable Webpack in your existing Titanium projects.


By default Titanium uses Babel to transform your JavaScript code and run optimizations. This works great out of the box, however you have very little control over this process and can only customize it with Babel plugins. Also, integrating new tooling into this pipeline via CLI hooks feels kind of "hacky", and in most cases is very specific to a single project. To address these issues, as well as building the proper foundation for upcoming Vue.js and Angular integration, we decided to introduce Webpack as an alternative build pipeline for all your app's assets.

Switching to the Webpack build enables a lot of great improvemnts:

  • Significantly faster build times for both clean and incremental builds, especially for larger projects.
  • Pre-configured for your Titanium project, no need to deal with Webpack configuration files to get you up and running.
  • Highly customizable via a simple plugin API, which allows you to hook into the Webpack configuration with webpack-chain. Add new loaders and/or plugins to introduce new capabilites into your project.
  • Easily use your favorite modules from NPM. Just install them into the project root.
  • Web UI to view build results and analyze your app bundle assets.

Getting started

Install the Webpack plugin globally. Appcd will automatically detect the new plugin and start it on demand.

npm i @appcd/plugin-webpack -g

Plugin Configuration

You can change the global configuration settings for this plugin in ~/.appcelerator/appcd/config.json. Have a look at the default config.js file to see what options are available. For example, to increase the activity timeout of Webpack build jobs to 20 minutes, add the following:

    "webpack": {
        "inactivityTimeout": 1200000


The Webpack build is stuck, how can i restart it?

Building the app with the --force flag will restart the whole Webpack build process for the current project. You can also start/stop the build via the Web UI in the detail view for a specific build.

If nothing else helps, try stopping the daemon with appcd stop, which will automatically stop all currently active Webpack builds as well.

How can I view log output?

You can stream the log output from the daemon with appcd logcat. To display messages from the Webpack plugin only you can filter them using appcd logcat "*webpack*".

The build errors with "Not found", what should i do now?

Make sure that you have the Webpack plugin installed and loaded. You can check the status of all currently installed plugins with appcd status.

If the Webpack plugin shows up in that list but you still see the error, you may have to restart the Daemon. There is a known bug in the configuration system which can prevent the plugin from loading the first time after it was installed. In that case simply stop the daemon with appcd stop and build your app again.


This plugin registers the following endpoints:


Start a new Webpack build task.

The identifier path parameter is optional. It is usefull if you want to start an existing Webpack build without changing its options.


Name Type Description
identifier string (Optional) Identifier of an existing Webpack build task to start.


Name Type Description
identifier string A unique identifier for the Webpack build task.
projectPath string Full path to the Titanium project.
projectType string Project type to load the appropriate config. Must be one of classic, alloy, angular or vue.
deployType string Current deploy type. Must be one of development, test or production.
platform string The platform target for the build task. Must be either android orios.
buildTarget string The current build target.
sdkPath string Full path to the SDK that is used to build with.
watch boolean Whether to to start Webpack in watch mode or not, false by default.


Stop a running Webpack build task.


Name Type Description
identifier string Unique identifier of the Webpack build task to stop.


Query the status of a webpack build task.


Name Type Description
identifier string Unique identifier of the Webpack build task to query status for.

???? This endpoint supports subscriptions to get real-time updates for the Webpack build.

For subscription calls to this endpoint the identifier parameter is optional. If omitted, it will only publish following two events:

  • added: Published when a new Webpack build was added. The event data contains basic job info.
  • state: Published when the state of any Webpack build changes. The event data contains basic job info.


When you subscribe to this entpoint for a specific Webpack build, you will be notified about build status changes and progress info via the following events:

Name Description
state Published when the state of a Webpack build changes.
progress Progress update for the current Webpack compilation.
output Any output emitted by the Webpack build will be streamed via this event.
api-usage Published whenever the usage of Titanium APIs changes.
done Published when the current Webpack compilation finished. Includes pre-processed Webpack stats data.


Serves a Web UI to manage Webpack build tasks.

Web UI


  1. Clone this repo and:
    • Install dependencies with yarn.
    • Link with npm so appcd can find the plugin: npm link. This needs to be done with NPM since appcd only searches the global NPM modules folder for available plugins (and not the one from Yarn).
  2. To start developing and recompile the plugin on changes run yarn dev
  3. (Optional) Start the Web UI in dev mode with yarn app:dev.


This project is open source under the Apache Public License v2 and is developed by Axway, Inc and the community. Please read the LICENSE file included in this distribution for more information.

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