To embedd the sourcemaps of a react application and git information in an application
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$ cnpm install @amittksharma/react-ts-sourcemaps 
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react-ts-sourcemaps package is a multi-purpose package performing the following tasks:

  • Bootstrapping and building an react app.
  • Attaching the source maps to the react app.
  • Attaching some of the meta information from GIT repository to the "window" variable.


npm i @amittksharma/react-ts-sourcemaps


"scripts" : {
  "start": "react-ts-sourcemaps-git --actionType start --craVersion cra",
  "build": "react-ts-sourcemaps-git --actionType build --craVersion cra"


Name Type Required Description Default
actionType string yes Action that needs to be initiated. actionType takes either 'start' or 'build'. Default value is 'start' start
craVersion string optional It is the create react app version name used in the application. craVersion takes either 'cra' or 'cra2'. Default value is 'cra'. (cra: Create React App, cra2: Create React App2) cra

GIT Information

This package gives developer liberty to check some of the meta information about the deployed package from "window" variable of the html page. The meta information that is attached is as follows:

  • Branch Name
  • Commit Hash
  • Node Environment Variable
  • Version

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