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$ cnpm install @adonisjs/mrm-preset 
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AdonisJs preset for mrm to keep the project configuration files in-sync and consistent across various projects.

Table of contents

What is MRM?

You might be curious to know what the heck is MRM?

MRM is a command line tool to scaffold new projects. But instead of just creating the initial set of files, it has powerful utilities to update them as well.

For better explanation, I recommend reading this article by the project author.

What is MRM Preset?

This module is a custom preset of tasks for MRM and is used by AdonisJs and many other projects I author.

You can also create a preset for your own needs. However, just go through the tasks once to see if they fit your needs and that way you can avoid creating your own tasks.

Getting started

Let's quickly learn how to use this preset, before we dig into the specifics of tasks.

npm i --save-dev mrm @adonisjs/mrm-preset

Add script to package.json file

 "scripts": {
   "mrm": "mrm --preset=@adonisjs/mrm-preset"

and then run it as follows

## Initiate by creating config file
npm run mrm init
## Execute all tasks (for new projects)
npm run mrm all


Let's focus on all the tasks supported by AdonisJs preset.


Appveyor tasks creates a configuration file (appveyor.yml) in the root of your project. The tasks depends on the config file config.json and requires following key/value pairs.

  "services": ["appveyor"],
  "minNodeVersion": "12.0.0"

To remove support for appveyor from your project, just npm run mrm appveyor task by removing the appveyor keyword from the services array.

  "services": []
npm run mrm appveyor

Circle CI

Circle CI tasks creates a configuration file (.circleci/config.yml) in the root of your project. The tasks depends on the config file config.json and requires following key/value pairs.

  "services": ["circleci"],
  "minNodeVersion": "12.0.0"

To remove support for circleci from your project, just npm run mrm circleci task by removing the circleci keyword from the services array.

  "services": []
npm run mrm circleci

Contributing.md template

Creates .github/CONTRIBUTING.md file. This file is shown by Github to users creating new issues.

The content of the template is pre-defined and is not customizable. If you want custom template, then it's better to create the file by hand.

  1. Template for Typescript The typescript template is used when ts=true inside the config file.

      "ts": true
  2. Otherwise the default template will be used.

Editorconfig file

Creates a .editorconfig file inside the project root. The editor config file is a way to keep the editor settings consistent regardless of the the editor you open the files in.

You may need a plugin for your editor to make editorconfig work.

The file is generated with settings defined inside the task file and again is not customizable.


Installs eslint and eslint-plugin-adonis. Also it will remove tslint and it's related dependencies from the project.


Adds git flow based release commands to npm scripts.


Starts the git flow release by running git flow release start $1 under the hood.

npm run release:start 1.0.0


Ends the git flow release by running multiple commands to create and merge release branches with git tags. Commands executed under the hood will use --no-verify flag to ignore git hooks, which can conflict with release commit messages style.

npm run release:end 1.0.0

Before running the above command, do make sure to update the npm version, generate the changelog and commit these changes.

Github templates

Creates issues and PR template for Github. The contents of these templates will be pre-filled anytime someone wants to create a new issue or PR.

  1. Issues template content
  2. PR template

Gitignore template

Creates .gitignore file in the root of your project. Following files and folders are ignored by default. However, you can add more to the template.


License template

Creates LICENSE.md file in the root of your project.

You can choose from one of the available licenses when running npm run init command or define it by hand inside config.json file.

  "license": "MIT"

If not defined, will fallback to package.json file or MIT.

Np release management

np is a sick (????) tool to publish your npm packages by ensuring that your package is in healthy state for release.

We recommend reading their README too https://github.com/sindresorhus/np.

Package file generation

This tasks does lots of work to install handful of packages and update package.json file.

The list of operations is based on my personal learnings while maintaining open source projects.

If your project decides to move between Javascript and Typescript in between, then this task will take care of removing the unwanted dependencies and install the correct one's.


The japa test runner is installed along side with japaFile.js. If your project makes use of Typescript, then the test runner will configured to run .ts files.


If using Javascript then standard will be configured, otherwise for Typescript projects tslint is used.

Coverage reporting

If you select coveralls in the list of services, then coverage reporting dependencies will be installed and after_test hooks are set.

  1. nyc is used for collecting coverage report.
  2. coveralls node module is used to pipe the coverage report to Coveralls.

Typescript setup

Typescript projects will have additional setup and dependencies to work out of the box.

Following dependencies are installed.

  1. ts-node
  2. typescript
  3. @types/node
  4. tslint
  5. tslint-eslint-rules

And following scripts are defined

  1. clean to clean the build folder before starting the build.
  2. compile to compile the Typescript code to Javascript.
  3. prePublishOnly to compile before publishing to npm.

Also tsconfig.json and tslint.json files will be created. You are free to modify these files

Pkg ok

pkg-ok is installed to ensure that files that get published to npm does exists. Make sure to read their README file for more info.


Installs prettier and eslint-plugin-prettier and eslint-config-prettier to setup prettier along side with eslint. Also the task will check, if .eslintrc.json file exists and then only performs the eslint specific setup

Probot applications

Configures certain probot application templates inside the .github directory. Currently, following apps are supported.

Readme file

Generates a Readme file using a pre-defined template. Feel free to change the contents of the file, since it's just a starting point.

Readme file TOC

Generates table of contents for the readme file. This tasks registers a git hook to automatically generate the TOC before every commit.

Under the hood npm package doctoc is used for generating the TOC, so make sure to read their readme file as well.


Travis tasks creates a configuration file (.travis.yml) in the root of your project. The tasks depends on the config file config.json and requires following key/value pairs.

  "services": ["travis"],
  "minNodeVersion": "10.0"

To remove support for travis from your project, just npm run mrm travis task by removing the travis keyword from the services array.

  "services": []
npm run mrm travis


Configures typedoc to generate API documentation for Typescript projects. Along with that, two additional plugins are installed.

  • typedoc-plugin-external-module-name
  • typedoc-plugin-single-line-tags

Validate commit

Configures a git hook to validate the commit messages. This is great, if you want to ensure that contributors to your project must form commit messages as per a given standard.

The default standard used is conventional-changelog and rules are defined inside this template, which is copied over to your project .github folder for readers reference.

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